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    Selfie drone 720x Test Drone: Where Can the Drone be Purchased for the Selfies?

    Selfie drone 720x test drone: The times when the word the drone only remembered the technology for the military and the toys for the rich, passed irretrievably.

    Now the devices are quite good class within the reach of many people and they often cost less than the SLR camera or the camera.

    Good drone is more than the toy. This is the tool that is currently a new, exceptionally exciting trend in photography and cinematography.

    This device greatly facilitates the work of photographers us is good tool to perform the amateur photos from the air.

    Until recently, the only way to carry out the recordings from above was to rent a large lift or take photographs, for example, from the balcony or from the helicopter with required dimensions.

    It was neither cheap nor particularly mobile, nor even more precise. None of these solutions has such potential as remote-controlled drone to perform the photos – selfie drone 720X! Manufacturer’s page

    The opinions of the specialists of modern technologies confirm that the drone is ideal both for the game and for learning how to fly with the drones! They are excellent for flying outside even in the wind.

    The drone is carried out solidly and elastic and very resistant material will exist in some cases.

    The device is excellent as the first drone to learn to fly and low price and the simplicity of operation cause it is very attractive and most selected drone.

    The drone can rise and fly in all directions. The camera to the photos and the films, which is integral part of this device, always ensures stable image with straight horizon, which is here the key feature.

    Selfie drone 720X – the advantages and disadvantages of the flying device

    The drone presented in the article is a revolutionary, flying pocket shots that switches to the smartphone and allows the execution of unusual photos.

    It was designed and engineered by the team of engineers, which is a group of experts in the field of modern technologies.

    The specialists succeeded in producing the high-quality drone, which is affordable for every person, has exceptionally solid construction, takes pictures and records high-quality films.

    Its effect is very simple and all you need to start it is the smart phone and free application that is available for both the Android operating system and iOS. In addition, the drone is compact, portable and lightweight, making it much easier to transfer.    

    Unforgettable emotions and many hours of good play are just one of many ways that selfie drone 720X there.

    Their users ‘ opinions confirm that the drone has solid construction, it is unusually light and compact – it recalls its size to the smartphone so that it can be easily and safely transferred in the pocket.

    In addition, thanks to the use of the latest technologies, the drone has the possibility of sending the image in real time to the screen of the phone, so that we have constant view of the photographed image.

    The drone is equipped with four hinged propellers and, thanks to optical sensors and the special module, it can preserve the chosen position regardless of the constant atmospheric conditions.  Fully charged battery lasts for about 10 minutes of constant flight.

    Selfie drone 720X

    The range of the drone is 70 meters. Aerodynamic construction of the machine and atypical design prepare the drone to look full and delight the eye. 

    It is also worth paying attention to the variety of fashions that a drone has.

    The fashion selfie, in which the drone turns in our direction, so that its location can be comfortably controlled and perfect photos can be made is most important of them.

    In the set together with the drone we will have eight propellers (four propellers are the replacement propellers), four bonnets for the propeller, the battery, the charger and the operating instructions of the drone and the information on how indispensable application on our Smartphone to be installed.

    In the midst of the benefits presented drone should also be mentioned:

    Solid design The drone is constructed of resilient, resilient material that is also waterproof.

    Thus, one should not be afraid that the fall on the ground or the contact with the water in any way will damage it.

    In the set, the buyer will also find the hoods for the propellers and also the replacement propellers.

    Easy to use – The drone has been adjusted to not have the front part and more so that the front part is not essential during flying.

    This makes it much easier to control and prepare them so that they will come back to us.

    If we do not know in which direction it is turned, after pressing the appropriate button the machine flies in the direction of the controller.

    Acrobatic possibilities – The drone very much and the execution of sky high acrobatic exercises will certainly not only give great pleasure to the beginner, but also will allow beautiful photos and short films to make.

    This is precisely why the camera is built with high quality and a large memory card.

    Good reach and reasonable price – the drone can be controlled from a distance of 70 meters. In addition, the time of flight with a battery is about 7-10 minutes, so the equipment for the beginner is downright ideal.

    The drone is full of benefits and the price is very reasonable. It is possible not to pay much and to get the equipment of very good quality.

    Selfie drone 720X – best drone for the selfies

    The manufacturers of the drones in the battle for the customer offer many interesting functionalities of their flying machines.

    The company, which designed the drone described, put on the possibility that the enthusiasts so called selfies, i.e. digital self-portraits, will fall.

    Such intake from the drone from any distance and perspective will certainly make the impression on our acquaintances on Facebook or Instagram.

    It is enough to use the mode “selfie”, which is chosen from the level of the screen of the smartphone with which we control the machine.

    The drone enjoys great interest due to compact universal sizes and is characterized by professional possibilities in understandable form and price for the user. The key features of the device are mainly:

    • Built-in camera HD innovative drone with the pocket size was equipped with the photo camera 720p, which allows to make excellent selfies from different heights and at different angles.
    • Following through the path — the ability to mark the path on the smartphone on which the flying device will move. This is a useful function that allows the filming of unusual landscapes.
    • The control at great distances – the range of the drone is up to 70 meters, so the execution of the photos of the objects, which are seemingly unreachable, will be exceptionally simple and pleasant.  Selfie drone 720X! Manufacturer’s page
    • A button to start and return – thanks to the built-in functions of the application that controls a drone, we can use a pressure to force the drone to enter the air or return to us if we just push the pressure.
    • Intelligent system of stabilization – the drone has been equipped with sensors to secure the stable flight US permanent position during the execution of the selfies, thereby making the photos always perfect without the effect of dilution coming out
    • The mode g – built-in sensor allows small selfie drones to automatically follow the smartphone. This is a great solution, thanks to which you will never lose your popular drone.

    This quite small device, called above, can be an excellent addition to the holiday adventures recorded by means of unusual photos.

    The shots from the bird’s eye view make the impression and certainly do the picture more attractive.

    In addition, the drone uses the connection WiFi to connect to the phone, so that filmed image can be seen in real time, which certainly facilitates the execution of the photos and the recording of the films.

    There is also no need of possession of additional memory card because the device stores all the photos and the movies directly on the phone! Rather to make always excellent photos in selected height, the pocket drone has built-in barometer, so that certain height can be adjusted and the drone will rise up where you want.  Selfie drone 720X! Manufacturer’s page

    Drone 720X

    Selfie drone 720X – the opinions of the Forum

    The photos from the bird’s eye view are excellent way to display attractive areas and buildings that are seen from above.

    So it’s no wonder that the film adaptation from the air enjoys considerable popularity. Scenic shots, made from a high perspective, are interesting diversion of every journey and thereby effectively attract the attention of the Spectator. Small drone, which facilitates the execution of self-portraits or group photos from greater distances than the range it would allow, is just selfie drone 720X.

    The opinions of their owners are only positive, so they will do the device most likely chosen drone to carry out the photos.

    The materials of high quality and advanced technologies used during the production of the drone, they undoubtedly do exceptionally special and unrivalled amidst the products of this type. Selfie drone 720X! Manufacturer’s page

    The photos taken with the drone can surprise with atypical perspective. Thanks to them we can make the photos in extreme conditions and places that are impossible to see from the perspective of the normal apparatus.

    This small, revolutionary device will allow daily users to feel the joy of flying and to find new photo perspective, so that boring selfies become something much more.

    The drone is controlled by mobile application, which has such functions as:

    • Selfie mode – This is the simplest way of control. Flying device can move forward or backward from the place where it was released.
    • Selfie motion control mode – This mode allows the drone to fly and control the drone using the virtual joystick included in the application.
    • Flying mode – In this mode, the device will remain stable at the position chosen for it, allowing the perfect photo to be executed.

    To convince yourself of the next unusual possibilities of this excellent device, you should get to know some opinions from the forum.

    Since childhood I love walking in the mountains. The hiking tours, especially in summer and autumn, are the best recreation for me.

    Beautiful landscapes, the waterfalls, the mountain lakes always attract me, so I like to take the photos very much to keep with me these beautiful views.

    Unfortunately, I could not always make exactly the same photos as I wanted. Often the things I wanted to photograph were too far away, so the photos didn’t reflect their real beauty. One day I came across the internet on selfie drone 720X. The Internet forum on which I found them was crowded with many positive comments about them, so I decided to buy the drone.

    The device is an excellent alternative to the normal apparatus. I can take photos of the mountains from a bird’s eye view and brag with them amidst the well-known.

    What’s better, I don’t have to ask someone to make me the photo on the background of the waterfall or the lake. I can do it myself now by means of the drone.

    The device is certainly recommended! – Nicole, 27 years

    Often we travel with the acquaintances to the holidays abroad.

    We are very well-behaved clique, we like common nonsense and if we only have the opportunity, we take the photos to have the memories after the years.

    Unfortunately, strangely, we managed to take the photo on which we are all together, because one of us had to take this photo. 

    Abroad it is sometimes difficult to communicate and ask someone else to carry out the photo.

    To solve this problem, I decided to buy the drone with the possibility of running the photos, but I did not know which model I should choose. Finally, my choice fell on selfie drone 720X.

    The internet forum was overflowing with many positive opinions about them, which in reality proved to be complete truth.

    The drone is ideal for the execution of the selfies. The abundance of functions and the diversity of fashions that it has is really strange.

    The device makes the photos very good quality and is handy – it certainly has enough space in your pocket, so it can be taken anywhere. Finally, all the photos from the holidays are ideal and we are all on them. I recommend!Dietmar, 25 years

    The brother’s birthday seamed and I did not know as usual what I should buy. I searched the dozens of websites hoping that I would find a suitable gift and I found – selfie drone 720X.

    The Internet forum, where their properties and their possibilities were written, encouraged me to purchase this, which is either I still regret the brother.

    It turned out that the gift was taken to the black, the drone became popular device of my brother, who practically does not separate from it.

    He often brings the drone for school outings, holidays or family gatherings and makes really interesting photos that inspire all people. The drone is really remarkable device for quite small price.

    The brother constantly tells about various functions and the fashions that a drone has.  I also add that the photos have very high quality, in my opinion it does not fall at all from the photos made with good camera.Sylvia, 19 years

    Selfie drone 720X – the price

    Selfie drone 720X – the price

    Shown device fits into the hand and can rise for several dozen meters upwards.

    This is an ideal drone for social media enthusiasts who like to make it memorable and publish on Instagram or Facebook. The drone can even fly for 10 minutes, giving us plenty of time to take some interesting photos, especially where the arm or the selfie stick is too short.

    Thanks to fairly small sizes, it will be true both outside and in the rooms.

    In addition, different modes of flight allow less or more dynamic shots.

    Thanks to the use of the Wi-Fi connection, the photos are automatically sent to the phone so that they can be published immediately on the net, which is undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages of selfie drone 720X.

    The price of the device is of course adequate to the quality of the device and very low compared to other drones selfie.

    The drone is very easy to operate and the scheme of its effect is the same as in other devices of this type.

    The drone can climb upwards and fly in all directions. When all four rotors rotate at the same speed, the drone rises vertically.

    To move forward, to the left, to the right, two rotors turn faster and the drone tilts in the direction of the flight.

    In relation to the rotation around vertical axis, two opposite rotors rotate. Full description and technical data of the device can be on the manufacturer’s page: Selfie drone 720X.  be found.


    Selfie drone 720X – where can it be purchased?

    Basic question posed by many people who want to start their adventure with the drone is where selfie drone 720X can be purchased. Amazon is often the first page that falls, but we decided to advise the purchasing selfie drone 720X there. Amazon is the place where there are many counterfeit pro

    ducts that do not remember the original selfie drone 720X. Amazon is also the place where the devices of this type are very expensive, neither the warranty nor the operating instructions have.

    The best and safest place to buy the drone is of course the official site of the manufacturer: Selfie drone 720X

    All essential information and the price of the drone are always indicated on the manufacturer’s side, which has the sole right to sell the equipment by its side.

    In addition, the manufacturer often offers its customers attractive discounts and free additions and ensures quick and easy way of shopping.

    Whole process of task and fulfillment of the order is completely safe and very fast.

    Soon after placing the order, the product will be sent to the address indicated by the customer and delivered in an intact condition.

    Selfie drone 720X – the composition

    The times when the price of the drone did not even allow the purchase of this type of equipment to dream, passed. Consumers are more and more interested in the possibilities of photographing from the drone and are looking for the device, which at the same time is solid, small and easy to operate. Just like that, selfie drone is 720X! The price of the device is unrivalled compared to other drones, while the quality of the photos does not deviate completely from the photos made by professional devices. Selfie drone 720X

    When you buy the drone, you get the option of performing the flight shots – both of the photos. As well as the films. One should not think of them only in the categories of shots made from the height.

    There are many more possibilities – ranging from the shots 360 degrees around the object, through the photographing marked path along and up to exceptional selfies that will surely surprise any person.

    Thanks to the drone you will get to the places without the problem, which would otherwise require considerable gymnastics in the search of the shot.

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