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    Sale of Cheap Drones for Travel (New Revision 2018)

    Sale of cheap drones for travel

    You know that from FunSelfieDrone we are fans of drones and we are fishing for the sale of cheap drones.
    In our fleet we have a DJI Spark that accompanies me every trip, and I can not be more happy with the value for money. It is compact (fits in the palm of my hand), is a cheap drone (to be semi-professional) and recorded in 1080p with a camera of good quality (for the cost you have).

    Today in FunSelfieDrone we bring you the seven best quality-price drones to travel.
    And what peculiarities should they have? First of all, they are 4k, 1080p or HD, “cheap” camera drones, and they fit in a backpack. It is good quality and low cost drones, of comfortable size to travel, and with professional or semi-professional cameras.
    We will bring you the rankings, ranking, and where to acquire each one of them. I used to recommend buying the drones on Amazon, which often come out more affordable than in other “official” pages more each that you purchase where you want.
    We already with the ranking of the 7 + 1 Best drones quality cost for all kinds of travel and travelers:

    Sale of cheap drones for the best travel

    I have to say that to make this ranking I have taken into account several variables such as reliability, brand, technical peculiarities and of course quality and cost.

    7 + 1 DJI Tello

    DJI Tello

    Dji’s latest toy is this Dji Trello, a beautiful drone with a similar look to the Spark but at a very competitive cost, and this is one of the cheapest drones that can be recommended today.
    It is ideal for beginners, especially if it will be your first or second drone and you want to learn to drive it without fear. The price is a trinket for what it offers, so we wanted to open directly with him.
    It is a drone suitable for travel, as it fits in any backpack. It weighs barely 130g and its dimensions are nineteen with eight x four, 8 x 2 cm.

    7. GoPro Karma

    GoPro Karma

    With a beautiful aesthetic and a brutal image quality we have in the sixth situation the GoPro Karma, a professional drone suitable for travel. It can be perfectly folded, and it has an ideal stability to capture these cinematic images in a bird’s eye view.
    Folds so that it fits into the enclosed case, and you can find it in both white and black color. It is a professional drone but very very simple to handle.
    In addition, it has the removable Karma stabilizer for the incredible appearance of a professional production.
    The front support design of the Karma camera ensures that the propellers, arms and landing gear are kept out of the sockets.
    It has dimensions of forty-five x twelve with six x thirty with three cm and weighs 1.82 Kg. But this does not deceive you, because its portability is practically unsurpassed. This drone is great quality-price theme, and above comes supported by a brand famous as is GoPro.

    6. HUBSN H109S

    HUBSN H109S

    This 3-axis Gimbal drone offers a bird’s eye view with its 1080p Full HD camera. Okay, it’s not 4k recording, but for the cost it has we can’t ask for more. of each and every form, we all know that there are currently sooo few devices that can read 4k so the difference is practically negligible.
    The design is very successful, and the command is a marvel. To put some glue, the dimensions are somewhat extensive fifty-eight with four x 50.8 x 30 with five cm and would not recommend for anyone who wanted to ride on too many airplanes with him. If you plan to travel in tourism, where it is simpler to transport, perfect. It counts that with a distance of 1 km and automatic return.
    This drone is in the ranking of best quality cost by the fact that it really does not have much to envy to other more expensive and brands quite more famous. This is a safe bet.
    With this drone we started talking about bigger words. It is one of the best quality cost drones with a professional brand, impeccable and perfect design (no, I was shocked) to take away from travel.
    Weighs less than 500 grams, and has a “fisheye” camera of
    14 Megapixels and video recording in Full HD 1080p stabilized on three axes. Built-in GPS with automatic return home function, flight plan with route points and high altitude flights. It has its two Skycontroller control and the FPV lenses.
    The dimensions of the drone (38.1 x 8.9 x 32.8 cm) make it ideal for taking it on a trip and getting out at any moment. The drone Bebop 2 has a two-minute autonomy, has a range of between three hundred and 500 meters and reaches a speed of up to 60 km/h.
    In addition to this, it is equipped with gyroscope, accelerometer, three-axis magnetometer and a 180 º lens. It will give you vertigo to fly with FPV lenses, you’ll see!

    4. Dji Phantom 3

    This Dji Phantom 3 is already big words, entering the podium that occupies the giant “drone”, Dji. The Phantom three is a professional drone and one of the most sold today. It’s No less.
    The integrated Camera records video in two. 7k, at a speed of 30fps and a maximum of forty MB/S. Fly to 2. Minutes with a single load and has perfect flight stability.
    It sets a height and distance limit to keep flights in a safe flight area and will automatically stop if it goes outside the limits set during the flight.
    The Dji Intelligent Flight Battery continuously informs you of how much flight time you have left, based on distance and altitude. It informs you when it is time to return, with the information retransmitted in real time on the mobile through the application Dji GO.
    The Dji Phantom Tres is a safe bet, one of the best camera drones on the market at an affordable and really easy to fly price.

    3. Dji Mavic Pro

    When we talk about the best quality price drones we already enter into these terms of mavics, Phantoms and Sparks. This 4k camera drone has almost half an hour of flight, a dual-GPS vision system with sensors for a perfect landing and a Ocusync transmission system that allows you to view in FULL HD up to a distance of 7 km/s.
    In sport mode, the Mavic Pro reaches a speed of up to sixty-five km/h.
    Includes: intelligent battery; Stabilizer cover; Remote control; battery charger; Power cable; 1 pair of helices; Micro USB Cable; RC cables; RC Cable slider.
    Despite not being a cheap drone is definitely an ideal option to take on a trip, while the quality of the camera is unbeatable.

    2. Dji Spark

    Yes, indeed, if we do a ranking of the best quality-cost drones to travel, the Dji Spark beats almost all of the above. For what reason?
    First by its size, 14.3 x 14, 3 x 5.5 cms with less than 300g weight. Really, it fits in the palm of my hand!

    It records in 1080p at thirty FPS, more than more for an impressive image; Its Wifi HD technology allows to transmit video at 720 p in real time up to two km distance.
    Seriously, I’ve had a time with this drone and day by day hallucinate more with everything offered in such a small size.
    It is undoubtedly the best drone to take on a trip, and its cost is lately quite reduced at Amazon so take advantage of it before they go back to the official price.

    1. Dji Mavic Air

    Here we are before a real jewel of art. The Dji Mavic Air is the perfect blend, the exact hybrid between the Mavic Pro and the Spark. It has the amazing camera of the first and the size and design of the second, which makes it definitely the best drone to travel.
    Drone with camera and three-axis stabilizer, includes a twelve megapixel CMOS sensor and 1/2.3 inch. Objective f/2.8 with a focal length equivalent to two mm that allows to record videos and take pictures with a quality that you will not believe.
    The drone camera records 4k video at 100 Mb/s at 30 F/s to capture everything with Ultra HD quality.
    Let you take HDR pictures by choosing the exposure settings as the ambient light in the location you’re recording.
    Really, this Mavic Air drone has it all. A perfect size to travel, a beautiful design, and some technical peculiarities that resemble humbug. The cost is quite competitive for everything it offers, and since traveling learning is undoubtedly the best quality/price drone currently in the market.
    You can buy this drone on offer at Amazon here

    Ranking of the best cheap drones to travel (value for money)

    Here we leave the list definite, the ranking of 2018 that has the best drones quality cost ratio, ideal for travelers who try to capture images from the heights in a cinematic way.
    • 7 + 1. YUNEEC Q500
    7. GoPro Karma
    Six. HUBSN H109S
    5. Parrot Bebop Two
    4. Dji Phantom Three
    Three. Dji Mavic Pro
    Two. Dji Spark
    1. Dji Mavic Air
    Best quality-price drone for beginners
    Your first drone: GoolRC Syma X5C
    Six-axis Quadcopter drone with remote control and HD camera. It has an almost perfect score at Amazon, and that has valued this product more than a thousand people.
    It includes a remote control to be able to follow the state of the flight, two modes of control, and resistance to interference.
    Built-in 6 axes, stronger and more stable wind resistance, for indoor and outdoor flying. 2.0 MP Camera FPV HD 4GB TF card, to take pictures and videos.
    It’s a pretty easy drone, with the right modalities to learn how to use them. I would recommend it to learn, especially to catch the aftertaste to the drones because its quality-price is good. You have a six-axis (decent) COM camera drone for about five €.
    With it you will learn to handle them and you’ll be itching little by little the bug.
    Best drone for professionals
    Only for professionals: Dji inspire Two
    With the Dji inspire 2 we are going to another range of costs and professionalism. It is not an any object, since it is already used for (very) professional recordings. More than a drone is an airship!
    What about the features? It is a drone with camera TapFly FPV of 2 axes, resolution: Two, 8 Mp, resolution of video five. 2 k thirty FPS or four k at sixty fps. Yes, the 5.2 K exists, although I doubt that even the most modern cinema can use it.
    ActiveTrack mode (object recognition) with return to the intelligent source point, effective transmission up to 7 km and FPV view. Anti-collision system with obstacle detection up to 30m away.
    Dimensions are forty x five x 35 cm with a weight of 4 Kg. Aluminium-magnesium alloy body with carbon fibre arms with maximum speed up to ninety four Km/h. It’s crazy, I know.
    Best affordable drone
    To go catching the trick: Syma X5C
    We went from one end to the other, by the fact that the SYMA X5C is a cheap camera drone (very cheap for what it is, really). I recommend it always and in all circumstances for those who want to start in the world of drones but do not want to spend three figures yet.
    With this cheap and rigid drone you will be able to learn to supervise it, and enjoy the first flights as pilot of drones. Seriously, it is a enjoyed, and quite easy to fly considering the quality-price.
    It has a system of 6 axes and good stability, a range of 5.0-80m with an approximate duration of flight from 5 to 8 mins. The camera is HD 1280 x 720 and also includes a 2GB Micro SD.
    Dimensions: Thirty one with five x thirty one with five x seven, 5 cm – Weight: 916g
    You can buy it at Amazon by going directly here
    Best economic drones with camera
    YUNEEC Q500
    Maybe this drone from YUNEEC is the closest thing to Alien you’ve ever seen in your life. Also, when you see it fly you will feel inside a sci-fi movie, because this fazed bug.
    But also intimidate its qualities, while we have the best quality-price drones, since it offers a camera with recording in 4k, photographs of 12MP and a very cheap price for the category you have.
    Its dimensions are 5.1.5 x Forty two x two cm and weighs one with seven kilograms.
    Contains the Q500 4k Multicóptero, transmitter with telemetry ST10 +, CGO3 4k camera with three-axis Gimbal, stabilizer CGO Steadgrip, 2 propeller sets, Micro SD card of 16GB, and battery charger.
    Who do we recommend? Suitable for those looking for a drone to look after the aesthetic and record in 4k. Premium more video than photography. Ideal for someone who doesn’t want to go up every 2 × 3 to a plane, and to look for something semi-professional of quite good quality-cost.
    Where to buy affordable camera drones (Amazon)
    Whether you’re looking for a 4k camera drone or a HD-camera drone, Amazon is the place I always recommend. For what reason? By the fact that very often (almost always) you find very competitive costs that are even more reduced than in the official stores.
    Amazon, the giant, has a huge catalogue of drones and a flawless return policy. If by serving us an example you have decided on a Dji, you will find more solutions and practically better prices at Amazon than in the store itself.
    I saved practically one hundred and fifty euros thanks to Amazon and is already the third one I bought. Really, to acquire affordable camera drones, or well, at a good cost (we all know they are expensive objects) compares different webs and see where you find them better.
    Another highly recommended place to buy drones and other robotics is RCTecnic, a physical and online store. There you will find help and recommendations on the part of professionals, as well as countless products at your disposal. Give them an eye that’s the milk.
    Conclusion of the best drones to travel
    As a conclusion, end by saying that the Dji Spark is the drone that we recommend to take a trip if you go something just budget. First by its size, like the palm of a hand. Second by weight, less than 300g. And ultimately it offers a camera that records in 1080p, more than enough for any important work you want to do.
    If you can afford something else, go directly to the Dji Mavic Air, although many will believe that the difference in cost does not correspond to the difference in camera and size.
    For us, the Dji Mavic Air is the best value-priced drone that is currently on the market.
    And you? Do you have any other favourites? Leave us a comment below and we will take a look to update the list.

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