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    Record Video with Drone: 11 Tips to achieve great

    Record Video with Drone and that we have a work of art, today is not something difficult to achieve with the technology that have these UAV.

    Drones can be used to take incredible videos.

    By following the 11 tips on this list, you can learn how to record great videos with a drone.

    Record Video with Drone: 11 Tips to achieve great

    Record Video with Drone: 11 tips for incredible shots

    1. Pay close attention to the weather for recording Video with Drone:
    Never fly a drone when it’s windy, if you want to film. While you can easily see if the conditions on the outside are windy at this time, the winds can rise without warning. This can cause your drone to crash or deflect it from the course. Here are some websites where you can check the weather forecast before using your drone to film:


    2. Pay attention to the lighting to record Video with Drone:
    Many camera drones cannot cope with a high level of contrast.
    Therefore, you should be cautious before taking pictures while looking at the sun.
    Verify that the image does not appear blurry before capturing the footage.

    3. Read the regulations for drone flights in your area before taking off:
    It is important to make sure that you never fly your drone in restricted airspace or in any area where you can interrupt air traffic.
    If you do not heed the regulations established by the FAA, you may end up facing fines or even more serious consequences.

    4. Never just record a Video:
    While a video you take might go wrong, the risk of a series of shots going wrong is much lower. It is important to roll a significant number of versions of the footage. After you get all the videos, you can choose which one is the best!

    With functions like the selfie you can do some really cool video effects

    5. Allow viewers of your film Experience movement:
    Because drones can fly at a considerable speed, a movie viewer may experience the excitement of a chase scene or the movement of a vehicle. The images captured during the movement can add a lot to almost any movie. This technique is used in almost all known action films.

    6. Inspírate watching movies to record Video with Drone:
    If you’re looking for sources of inspiration, maybe you can see a movie you like. There is a good chance that some of your favorite scenes have been filmed using a video drone.

    7. Invest in a quality camera Drone:
    While almost no drone will be able to capture images from the air, not all drones are created equal. A low-quality UAV may not work very well, and the built-in camera can be of low quality.

    Camera and Cardan quality.

    The lack of gimbal will make the video unstable and unusable professionally.
    Look for a 4k video camera and make sure you get a good gimbal with the drone. DJI Phantom 3 Professional and DJI Phantom 4 are examples of incredible drones that come with a great camera and excellent flight time.
    Some drones can shoot 360 degrees, like the commercial drone DJI Inspire 1 v. 2. And the YUNEEC Typhoon H.

    Aerial Video functions

    Many of the best drones also have a lot of great aerial photography and videography functions, like “Follow me,” “Orbit,” and “Cable Cam.”
    The 3DR is just a good example of a good video drone available at a decent price. It’s a GoPro unmanned camera, so you need a GoPro Hero 2.3 or 4 for it.

    Aerial videography for beginners to record video with drone

    The best drone for beginners in aerial videography could be the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. It’s not very expensive, it has a great performance and a flight time of about 25 minutes. Its biggest limitation could be the 2.7 K video camera.

    To throw sports action

    If you are looking to shoot surfing, snowboarding, cycling, skiing, kitesurfing or other action sports videos, you will need a drone to follow you. Follow the drones that can follow behind you, or even stay in front of you and get action material.

    Aerial photo using the Follow me mode

    8. Get a camera Robot with a lot of flying time:
    Flight time is always important. Invest in a camera robot with a good flight time of at least 15 minutes. The DJI Phantom 4 has a 28-minute flight time, which gives you plenty of opportunity and time to shoot. Always bring extra batteries so that you can raise the drone to the air quickly with a minimal loss of time.

    9. Do not try advanced maneuvers until you have a lot of experience with drones:
    While it may be tempting to try to do good tricks with your drone, it is best to continue with the basic maneuvers until you have more experience. If you try to make bans, dives or other tricks, you run the risk of breaking your drone if you have no flight experience.

    10. Plan the video and make sure there is enough battery life for the flight:
    Make sure your drone is fully loaded before you fly it, and plan your route very well before takeoff. If you’re making big shots, you might end up losing track of time. Making sure the battery is fully charged will ensure that it does not run out of charge while in the air. Also remember to bring a spare battery or two, so you can make more shots quickly.

    11. Master suspended:
    Learning to float on your drone can be a challenge, but it is one of the most important skills that drone pilots must learn. Practice fluttering as much as possible when you’re learning to fly a drone. Here are a couple of basic tips to peek your drone:
    -Make sure you are at a sufficient distance from the ground. As time passes it should be done when it is more than four feet from the ground.
    -When suspended, it is important to keep the throttle at the proper intensity and make sure that you have the correct balance and inclination.
    Always use a great drone with a good camera. Do not fall into temptation and get a cheap copy of a drone for half the price. Chances are high you’ll regret it. Buy quality and you only have to buy once.

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