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    Indoor Drones: Our selection

    From a time to this part are developing several indoor drones, which assure us control in enclosed spaces

    In this post I want to tell you about the capabilities of these mini-drones, or nano-drones so you can make the best purchase decision.

    To start flying drones for indoor, you should know that the sizes are reduced, and the more children the more unstable the air currents are and less resistant.

    Indoor drones: Our selection

    On the other hand, the larger drones are more stable at the moment of flying and last longer because they are more resistant with components of better quality. Commonly with flights of more than 5 minutes.

    When we refer to prices these can several from €15 to €150, the best brands to try are: Syma X12 Nano, Cheerson CX10 Mini, Cheerson CX-10WD-TX, JJRC H20 Hexacóptero, JJRC H36, Altair AA108, EACHINE E010 Mini, Drone 720x.
    Let’s tell you some characteristics of each of them, so that you have a good idea of what you can find when flying them inside of some enclosure.

    Frequently asked Questions for indoor drones

    Where can I buy indoor drones?

    The best site without a doubt to buy the drones is Amazon, with the exception of the drone 720x, that the best price you can find it in the manufacturer. Here we will tell you the characteristics of each one, the prices and our experience when flying them.

    Drone for indoor: Which one to start with?

    If you are starting in this world, it is advisable to buy a stronger and more stable, you would have better flight control, than the Nano drones that are very restless fast and unstable when learning to fly them.

    Indoor drones: Can they be used in open spaces?

    My advice, is that you fly it exclusively inside, since they were created for that purpose.
    Except the polyvalent, which have a larger size, greater weight and have electronic stabilization that allows you to fly them out without inconvenience.

    Indoor drones: The best for flying

    AA108 Altair

    It is one of the best options, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor this drone selfie. For all types of piloting level, in other words, you can take advantage of the rookie, like the experienced pilot. It is also a very good drone for the youngest, because it is very well built and resists several direct impacts.

    It features a 720 pixel camera, programmable flight path, landing and emergency scheduling and height stabilization. Its cost is around €107

    Drone 720X/Selfie drone 7S

    Selfie Drone 7S

    A very complete drone, and our choice between cost and quality. With 720 pixel resolution camera, command by Smartphone. The control app has many interesting features: take-off and landing button. Some programmed pirouettes (loops and turns) and possibility to record video and photo.
    This drone can fly both indoors and outdoors and its price is around €99 with the included shipping cost. Special promotion of the manufacturer. See the review of this model Drone720X/SelfieDrone 7S.

    Read here: For more information on Drone 720x

    Cheerson CX-10WD-TX

    This is a mini-drone that fits in the palm of your hand. The measurements are 53×53 mm X 29 mm high. It has stationary flight and its autonomy is 5 minutes. The bad thing is your camera, the blurry image and it doesn’t work well when filming in real time.  But if you just want to use it to fly inside it’s a viable option. Its price is only €46

    JJRC H36 Mini

    A very simple drone to fly, resistant but not unbreakable. For Interiors It’s a good choice but I wouldn’t recommend it for outdoors. A strong breeze and becomes uncontrollable.

    A good drone as a toy for children because its cost is accessible and you can learn only for €20 that is its price. It has No camera and its battery life in flight is 4 to 7 minutes.

    Cheerson CX10 Mini

    This drone is Baratísimo, can be purchased between €14 to €17. It is advisable if you want to know that it is a drone and try, but it is more a cheap toy than a drone itself.
    It has a fairly unstable flight and can be difficult to maneuver, often loses synchronization with flight controls. No camera, and no stabilization sensor. Only advisable if you want to take the curiosity to fly an indoor drone with very low cost.

    What is the best Drone for Indoor

    To select a drone for indoor I would recommend one that has a size that serves both indoor and in-house flying and some flight stabilization advances.
    If you want to have a versatile and not invest a lot of money, our recommendation is the drone 720x or Selfie drone 7S (it is the same equipment that is in America with a name and in Europe under the name of drone 720, of the firm JJRC. Also the Altair AA108, is an excellent option to buy.

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