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    Drone 720x Reviews and Buy (USA & UK)

    Drone 720X Reviews: The first used drones were in the service of the armed forces and were used for espionage, however, they conquered the private home and allow not only a wonderful view of the landscape, but also the shooting of smaller films.

    Decisive here is always the size and above the whole field of use, which must be specified for each drone.

    Decisive for this is the quality of construction, energy consumption and also the camera – which already exists on many drones.

    Drone 720x reviews and buy

    A drone is now available at a modest price, but not all of them meet the intended purpose, and it is important to always point out the need for a driver’s license, required in Germany since 2017 – as long as the drone exceeds a certain size.

    We talked about the 720x drone today and explained below how it benefits and what quality it has.

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    What is 720x drone?

    This model is a drone that offers many solutions and is equipped with its technical parameters to make professional recordings.

    Can be started anywhere, take pictures and videos in a good resolution.

    For this purpose, the device is sold at a moderate price.

     For who is drone 720x the right product?

    In principle, for those who want to own a drone to take pictures of landscape and take pictures taken from the sight of a bird.

    Due to its size and range, it is suitable for those who do not have a driver’s license and just want to fly a little hobby.

    This device is a useful addition to those who like to record videos, take vacation photos or similar, to enable such recording sequences.

    720x drone Technical Details

    Now let’s get to the technical details of the device.

    It is provided on the homepage with some information that will give a good idea of what the drone is capable of and the quality it offers. Here is a list of all the attributes:

    • Resolution of 720 pixels
    • 8 minutes long
    • Range of 70 meters
    • 85 grams weight

    In addition, the battery and the charging station are already included.

    The drone has all the technical solutions that are compatible with each other and therefore is a professional device that can draw countless shots, such as those used in amateur videos.

    The resolution is 720 pixels and is therefore suitable for use with online videos.

    The drone can remain in the air for up to 8 minutes when the battery is fully charged.

    The transmitter has a range of up to 70 meters, which already means a considerable height in the air.

    Add to that a light weight of 85 grams.

    The control of the device is well balanced by the weight as well as the range, so that it is possible a silent flight with changes that do not appear very irritating in the video or image material. By the way: the speed is up to 22 meters per second, which is a considerable margin when comparing this model with other drones.

    How do I use the 720x drone?

    The device can be initiated anywhere after the battery has been fully charged. It is recommended to recharge it before each use to reduce the risk of falling of the device.

    The user’s integrated comfort makes the device suitable for each user.

    The drone is controlled through an application that can easily be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website and that is suitable for any Android and Apple smartphone.

    That makes it easier to control the drone, even if it’s in the air. You never have the feeling of loss of control and therefore is always in the image of what the camera of the device is currently recording.

    The image is transferred directly to the smartphone and therefore it is easy to determine whether other recordings are needed or not.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 720x drone?

    Like all such gadgets, the drone has its advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to list below:


    • Long flight time
    • Spare parts are included
    • The battery is charged separately
    • High Range
    • Easy operation
    • Lightweight
    • High resolution


    • The resolution may be a little higher
    • Flight time can also be extended

    Of course, arise on such devices again and again wishes that could be improved.

    The flight time of 8 minutes is already higher than other models, which usually come with a full battery to 5 minutes, but with good shots, it is always better to have a little more than 8 minutes.

    Also, the resolution is a bit low with 720 pixels and may be higher, but here also dispensed HD recordings, as you have to say.

    Nowadays, where the upload, as well as the editing of HD material, is no longer difficult, a larger resolution is ideal.

    But for private use, this resolution as well as flight time can be completely discarded and therefore gives the device a good condition for beautiful shots.

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    General Test drone 720x

    Of course we wanted to convince ourselves of the handling and the material, which convinced both the drone 720x and tried once.

    Even when unpacking the model, we realized that the manufacturer apparently made a lot of effort with the presentation.

    Alone, the packaging makes a high quality impression and gives the feeling that you want to store the drone when not in use again in the packaging.

    The model is small and lightweight, making it ideal for transportation.

    So if you are traveling a lot and want to shoot some unforgettable moments of the air, you should definitely look at the device.

    We load the app quickly, it runs smoothly on Android and IOS and connects quickly to the device and then control it through the smartphone.

    Takeoff and landing are first and foremost a matter of practice, but important for greater control. That’s too fast.

    The drone does not fly uncontrollably and is also a bit quieter than the competition, which allows for silent shooting, both in filming and in photography.

    Which is especially nice: all replacement accessories are already included.

    Included in the package is: – Replacement wing – USB cable – Accessory pouch alone the replacement wings you receive in the competition only with difficulty.

    One thing we would like to say: one has on the manufacturer’s homepage, the same opportunity to request multiple devices, which can be used silently.

    The drone was not damaged in our test, but it is recommended to always have a replacement and even if you only have the goal of having a drone at hand, in which the battery is full.

    For example, 5 drones can be reloaded and used one after another and you have a good time of 40 minutes of recording from which you can get material.

    So let’s take a look at the photos taken by the camera. The 720 pixels may be a bit more, but especially in private use is usually no longer needed. So we’re satisfied with these.

    However, filming is quite good and beautiful holiday souvenirs can be made without difficulty. In short, we were very happy with the drone and we would recommend it here.

    720X drone experiments in general

    In short, the experience with the 720x drone is very positive and supports what we have already explained in our test.

    Most private people are satisfied with the quality and also like to take advantage of the offer to order several at once and thus guarantee a longer deadline if they want to make a video.

    Most of them also feel that the accessories are included and the battery is replaceable.

    You described that with a faulty drone still the battery can be removed to use this in another model. Compatibility is guaranteed here in any case.

    Are there any known problems from the 720x drone?

    So far, no problem with the known 720x drone.

    It does its job perfectly, the battery maintains its 8 minutes long and does not decrease even with multiple recharge. We can’t find any other disadvantages or problems.

    Not even after a long-term test.

    Here you can save 50% with the manufacturer!

    Where can I buy 720x drone?

    We always recommend the path directly to the manufacturer. This offers to the German market their drones on the site, which is designed very easy to use and therefore allows a direct order. Here it is also possible to enter larger purchasing numbers.

    Thus, the manufacturer sells them for 1, 2, 4, 10, 15 and 20 pieces. There are also other extra offers, such as the order of 2 pieces, for which you receive 1 720x drone for free. There is also an offer in which 3 drones are included and you receive 2 more for free.

    The price falls with each superior offer.

    In general, however, a drone costs 198 euros, but the manufacturer also offers offers in the range in which the drone costs only 99 euros.

    The delivery is usually free, but you should read the conditions beforehand.

    Then only the indication of the contact details is necessary and the choice of the possibility of payment.

    Both the credit card and Paypal are available and make the purchase so secure.

    Here you can save 50% with the manufacturer!

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