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    Aerial Photography With Drones: 5 Fundamental Tips

    Aerial photography with drones is changing and becoming accessible with the introduction of technologies in recent years, the exchange rate is accelerating. Not so long ago, the drones were too expensive for any decent quality and only the pros wore them.

    Cheap drones for Inciarse in aerial photography with drones

    These days, it seems that every amateur photographer now has a drone in his arsenal and the results are fantastic. We are seeing unique angles in some of the most iconic places and starting to see the world around us in a different way.

    Aerial photograph with drones: 5 fundamental Tips

    However, drones are not exempt from problems and pose a certain risk, but that is for another article. In this article, we will put together some simple tips to improve the quality of your drone photography.

    How to do aerial photography with drones?

    Tip # 1: Shoot RAW

    Most people with a digital camera these days will understand the basic differences between shooting in raw and JPEG format. Basically, the use of raw format does not compress images as much as JPEG and will allow much more flexibility throughout the editing process.

    Even if you are only recording to load in the gram, you will get much better results if you do it in RAW. When you upload your photos to Lightroom, you will maintain a higher quality as you modify the tones and exposure.

    Aerial photograph with drones, it requires perhaps a work of more postproduction than the photograph of normal landscapes, due to shots of wide angular spectrum and zones of high exposure difference.

    Tip 1: Drawing in draw format

    Tip # 2: Look down

    You must learn to take advantage of the capabilities of your drone by exploring every landscape in a bird’s eye view. Of course, not all the places you go will look great from above, but it’s amazing how a landscape can be transformed when you’re looking directly from above. Things like roads, rivers and forests are excellent subjects if you’re shot from a bird’s perspective. This is an important secret in aerial photography with drones, because we are not accustomed to that perspective. The best way to learn about Mira is to photograph and photograph.

    Tip 2: Look down

    Tip # 3: Find a leading line

    This rule not only applies to aerial photography with drones, but results with a drone can often be much more spectacular. Try to find a dominant line in a landscape that will guide your eye along the photo, far away in the distance. For example, an open path for a long time can really help to give a place a sense of scale and focus the view on the right part of the shot.

    Tip # 4: Use the human figure to take scale dimension

    With aerial photography with drones, it becomes increasingly important to give landscapes a sense of scale, as it can be difficult to determine how large objects are without a reference point. Position yourself you or a friend in an interesting place, for example, next to a waterfall or standing by the edge of a cliff. You will be surprised with a trick so small how much it improves your shot.

    Tip 3: Human perspective

    Tip # 5: Use the Cradle

    If you are lucky enough to have it, this feature is very useful to make sure you get exactly the right exposure for the shot. In case you don’t know, the cradle is the act of taking more than one photograph at the same time, but with different exhibitions. This means that if the sky is overexposed but the foreground does not, you can compensate later by combining the shots in Lightroom or Photoshop. Even if you don’t want to fuse your shots, the cradle is still useful because later you can choose the shot with the correct exposure instead of discovering that it is underexposed and immovable.

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